TALLINN OPEN Invitation 2018


TALLINN OPEN – Kristjan Palusalu Youth Wrestling Tournament is Europe’s largest wrestling tournament and is the opening event of EST WrestFest, the Estonian Wrestling Festival.


The 2017 tournament attracted 1805 wrestlers from 27 countries and 205 teams, competing on 14-mats. The 2017 protocol is here: www.liga-db.de/TallinnOpen2017/


The EST WrestFest Schedule is as follows:


March 30 to April 1, 2018: TALLINN OPEN

April 2 to April 5, 2018: International Training Camp

April 6-7, 2018: UWW Kristjan Palusalu Memorial for Seniors (Juniors can participate)


A special event for Tallinn Open participants is the specially scheduled Nikolai Solovjov Tournament for Cadets and Schoolboys in St. Petersburg Russia from March 26-28, 2018. After the Tallinn Open training camp, many wrestlers will take the 6 hour travel by bus or train to St. Petersburg. The invitation is below.


TALLINN OPEN Invitations:


Invitation in English (Color):  DOWNLOAD 2018 TALLINN OPEN INVITATION (1 MB)

Invitation in English (Black & White for print):  DOWNLOAD 2018 TALLINN OPEN INVITATION (610 KB)


(Estonian) Kutse eesti keeles: 

(Russian) Приглашение на русском языке:  DOWNLOAD 2018 TALLINN OPEN INVITATION (565 KB)

(Latvian) Uzaicinājums latviešu valodā: DOWNLOAD 2018 TALLINN OPEN INVITATION (750 KB)

(Lithuanian) Kvietimas lietuvių kalba: DOWNLOAD 2018 TALLINN OPEN INVITATION (650 KB)


Kristjan Palusalu Memorial for Seniors Invitation:

Invitation in English:  DOWNLOAD INVITATION (1.38 MB)


Nikolai Solovjov invitation:

Invitation in English:  DOWNLOAD INVITATION (530 KB)

(Russian) Приглашение на русском языке:  DOWNLOAD INVITATION (450 KB)