2019 Tallinn Open – Videos


A live broadcast was available for Country matches (March 29), Greco-Roman (March 30) and Freestyle (March 31) from 14 mats at 2019 TALLINN OPEN.

These matches can be viewed by following the Greco-Roman or Freestyle link at each mat thumbnail.

The EXCEL file Tallinn Open 2019 Matchlist will quickly help you find the desired wrestler and corresponding match. For ease, download this file to your computer. To find the desired wrestler and match, perform the following:

  1. from the EXCEL file Tallinn Open 2019 Matchlist search for the wrestler by name.
  2. Find the corresponding MAT NUMBER and MATCH NUMBER.
  3. Click on the corresponding MAT thumbnail (Greco-Roman or Freestyle)
  4. The scoreboard (in upper lefthand corner) has the MATCH NUMBER. Spool the timeline forward/backward to find the match you are looking for.

Happy viewing!