2017 International Wrestling Camp

The International Wrestling Training Camp takes place immediately following the tournament from 3-6 April, 2017. The 2015 & 2016 Camps was attended by 130 wrestlers. The 2016 camp had male and female wrestlers from Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia, Czech Republic, France, USA, Kazakhstan  and Estonia. With such a wide diversity of wrestlers, the camp places extra emphasise on sparring, to maximise wrestling experience from different schools of wrestling. The camp is broken into two groups by weight.

The 2017 Camp awaits 100+ wrestlers (ages 10-18) at KORRUS3 – Tallinn’s „Wrestling Centre of Excellence“. This fully equipped four mat facility is the largest permanent wrestling facility in the Baltics. It is home of Korrus3 Wrestling Team and the National Teams.

Location of Camp?

The facility is located 2km from airport and harbor and 1km from the centre of the Old City.

Aadress: Veerenni 29, Tallinn

Website: www.korrus3.ee

More information about Wrestling Camp 2017: http://korrus3.ee/camp2017/

Co-ordinates: LAT: N59° 25´ 25.0´´ LONG: E24° 45´04.9´

Can anyone attend the Wrestling Camp?

This is a vetted camp (not for beginners) with the number of participants being limited. Also, participants are selected to ensure a wide diversity of wrestlers from different regions.

Estonia, USA and Russia coaches at Camp

Estonia, USA and Russia coaches at Camp

What style of wrestling is at the camp?

The camp has GR, FS and FW wrestling.

What is structure and emphasis of the Wrestling Camp?

Wrestlers are divided into groups based on style and weight. Each group will hav two sessions per day. Emphasis will be on sparring. Participation and help by all the coaches is encouraged.

Older group at Wrestling Camp

Older group at Wrestling Camp

Where to get information on the International Wrestling Camp?

For information in English and Russian, please contact Mr. Martin PLASER, Manager and Coach at Korrus3 Training Centre.


Phone: (372) 5362 7351

Email: korrus3@korrus3.ee

Website: www.korrus3.ee or http://korrus3.ee/camp2017/