2018 Tallinn Open – Videos




List of Matches

Opening Ceremony

Tallinn Open 2018

First Day Montage

Preparations and friendly matches

Second Day Montage

Tallinn Open 2018

Vello Leitham

Interview with the head organizer

Raoul Aho Leitham

Interview with Estonian wrestler

Mika Lehmkuhl

Interview with RSA wrestler

Artur Jeremejev

Young Estonian wrestler

Rayan Arnek

Young Estonian wrestler

Alexander Gustafsson

Interview with swedish wrestler

Markus Mikk Mölder

Interview with young estonian wrestler

Denis Bolunov

Interview with estonian bronze medalist

Matt Lindland

Head coach of team USA

Ella Schmidt

Young USA wrestler

Lisette Böttker

Estonian wrestler

Viktoria Vesso

Estonian wrestler

Kaspar Kört

Young Estonian wrestler